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"Employer - Rozek Company - successful in defending all claims against it by Plaintiff in U.S. District Court of Colorado. Represented by Law Office of Ralph G. Torres!" 5/2014

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"Firm achieves dismissal of ALL charges against client from State of Colorado - Director of Divisions of registrations/Office of Physical Therapist Licensure". 10/2011.
If facing discipline from a Regulatory board or agency - don't try negotiating the discipline yourself. Let the experience of the Law Office of Ralph G. Torres navigate you through the process!"

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Practice Areas

Experienced Colorado Employment Law Attorney

Employees experiencing problems and employers who want to resolve problems can rely on the exceptional legal representation services of The Law Office of Ralph G. Torres. An experienced employment law and employment litigation attorney, Mr. Torres and his team have over 70 years of combined experience providing representation in the following areas of practice:

Representing Employees

CCRD and EEOC Employment Discrimination Claims : We review each individual case to assist in drafting EEOC and CCRD Charges of Discrimination and to help employees through the investigative process. We ensure that your claim properly raises all instances of discrimination based upon age, race, disability, national origin, pregnancy, religion or sex. Has your workplace become a hostile environment due to sexual harassment? Is your employer failing to recognize and accommodate your disability or pregnancy? Do you feel threatened because of your religious practices? Our legal team can assist those who have been fired or demoted because they complained of discrimination.

Unemployment Compensation Benefits : If you have been terminated and denied unemployment compensation from your prior employer, we can often represent you at a hearing on a flat fee basis. Having legal representation to subpoena the correct employee documentation and challenge management can make the difference between winning and losing your claim for benefits.

Severance Packages : Is it time for you and your employer to part ways? We will review your situation and help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation upon the ending of your employment relationship. Contact us and we can work to see that your departure is amicable and that positive references will be given in the future.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) : The FMLA provides job-protected leave for pregnancy, to care for a new child, to manage your own serious medical condition, or to care for a family member with a serious medical condition. Everyone has medical emergencies that arise throughout the course of their employment. You may be entitled to FMLA leave depending on your situation. Unfortunately, some employers are hesitant to permit FMLA leave. Often, employees have to fight to return to a job position and pay when their leave is completed.

The Americans with Disabilities Act : Just because you believe you are disabled and require an accommodation does not mean your employer is going to immediately agree to provide accommodation. Make sure you have legal representation to help you work through the formal legal process to ensure your job position and pay are protected, and your accommodation needs are met.

Employment Lawsuits: Sometimes the only way to get the results you want is to sue somebody. We have successfully sued public and private organizations in local, state and federal courts.

Claims Against Federal Government Employers : You only have 45 days to report any discrimination. When representing federal employees, we are not intimidated by the government. We have successfully sued most federal government agencies.

Representing Employers

CCRD and EEOC Employment Discrimination Claim Responses : You or your HR department should never respond to an employee’s discrimination charge without reviewing it with legal counsel. Your reasons have to be complete, succinct, consistent and unchanging. Many organizations provide inexpensive legal assistance to employers who must respond to employee complaints or claims of discrimination. Every verbal comment and written document produced by one of these pre-paid legal services companies can lock your company into a position it may not want to take later. If representation service companies do not provide litigation defense and do not want to go to trial, it is because they do not have the expertise to do so. Unfortunately, saving a few dollars on a monthly package can result in one lawsuit wiping out your entire litigation budget. HR departments are to be a resource and risk management tool, and should not lay the foundation for legal error and unwanted lawsuits.

Unemployment Compensation Benefit Dispute Defense and Appeals : Once you terminate an employee, it is important for you to decide if you are going to challenge a claim for unemployment compensation benefits. Do you have the proper documentation and have you articulated the reasons for termination effectively enough to win an employee’s challenge for unemployment compensation benefits? It is in your best interest to consult with experienced legal counsel prior to and following the termination of all employees to ensure both your ability to win the denial of unemployment benefit compensation and to defeat any further claims asserted against you by the employee.

Department of Labor Audits or Investigations : Frequently, it is unwise and often exposes your company to unnecessary penalties and payments if you respond to a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) audit or investigation without legal counsel. The DOL’s goal is to obtain money from your company when it begins its investigation. Your employment records have been completed and workers have already completed their work. You cannot go back in time and change these things. However, you can present this information in a defensible fashion to the DOL investigator. We can help you formulate answers to questions regarding how your workers are classified, the hours they have worked, the way they have been paid, working conditions, and how records have been kept. Our negotiations on behalf of employers during the DOL investigation process have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Risk Management, Training and Investigations for Employers : We help businesses avoid employment litigation by taking proactive steps to minimize risk. Often it is best to seek outside counsel to perform an employee complaint investigation or seek an objective opinion about the employment situation. Our lawyer and paralegal work regularly with clients to keep them up to date with the most recent changes to employment law and provide training and complete investigations to ensure small problems do not turn into larger ones.

Lawsuits and Employment Law Defense : We defend employers against claims of employment discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and other alleged wrongdoing. We are experienced negotiators and skilled litigators who have a successful record at trial in state and federal courts.

Professional Licensing Issues (DORA) : The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) exercises a great deal of power over those with professional licenses. If a disgruntled consumer or client files a complaint, a regulatory board’s investigation can threaten your license, certification and livelihood. However, “telling your story" or "explaining everything” without proper legal counsel can damage your defense. Without careful legal assistance in responding to a complaint, you may end up defending yourself at a hearing against the attorney general’s office.

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Because we represent both employers and employees, we can present better cases because we have to develop arguments from both points of view and know how to anticipate your opponent's arguments. This insight helps us resolve disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible. To discuss your legal issue, please call 303-502-9186 or contact us by e-mail .

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