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"Employer - Rozek Company - successful in defending all claims against it by Plaintiff in U.S. District Court of Colorado. Represented by Law Office of Ralph G. Torres!" 5/2014

Final Judgment

"Firm achieves dismissal of ALL charges against client from State of Colorado - Director of Divisions of registrations/Office of Physical Therapist Licensure". 10/2011.
If facing discipline from a Regulatory board or agency - don't try negotiating the discipline yourself. Let the experience of the Law Office of Ralph G. Torres navigate you through the process!"

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Professional License Issues (DORA)

Denver, Colorado Employment Law Attorney Helping People With Professional License Issues (DORA)

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) exercises a great deal of power over those holding professional licenses. DORA issues and enforces regulations that govern how professionals obtain and maintain professional licenses. The agency also has strict policies and procedures controlling your rights and remedies when a consumer or client files a complaint against you.

Sometimes, a disgruntled individual files a complaint and before you know it, a regulatory board’s inquiry and investigation is threatening your professional license, certification and livelihood. However, “telling your story" or "explaining everything” without proper legal representation and counsel can place your license in greater jeopardy. An improper or hasty response to a complaint can result in the need for you to defend your professional license at a formal hearing, with the attorney general’s office as your opponent.

Protect Your Professional License With Help From an Experienced Attorney

Your professional license is not protected by working for an employer. You are required to act in a manner that meets the generally accepted standards of your profession. Employers are most often concerned with protecting their “bottom line of profitability” - which could compromise your professional status and expose you to sanctions from a regulatory board. The employer’s legal department cannot adequately represent both its interests and your individual interests in preserving your license status against a regulatory board. You need your own personal attorney to protect your rights and license.

DORA complaints can often be resolved by filing a thorough and legally sound written response to the applicable regulatory board. This first response solidifies your position to the Board review members and can make the difference between a dismissal and a full-blown formal hearing. Do not prepare your response without talking to us! Do not allow threats to your license status jeopardize the operation of your business.

At The Law Office of Ralph G. Torres, we help you understand the complex rules of regulatory boards and guide you through the administrative process of replying to a complaint. We aggressively represent you through the process, including all appeals that may be necessary.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you have professional license questions that require experienced counsel.

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