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"Employer - Rozek Company - successful in defending all claims against it by Plaintiff in U.S. District Court of Colorado. Represented by Law Office of Ralph G. Torres!" 5/2014

Final Judgment

"Firm achieves dismissal of ALL charges against client from State of Colorado - Director of Divisions of registrations/Office of Physical Therapist Licensure". 10/2011.
If facing discipline from a Regulatory board or agency - don't try negotiating the discipline yourself. Let the experience of the Law Office of Ralph G. Torres navigate you through the process!"

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Risk Management, Training & Investigations for Employers

Minimizing Employers' Risk of Liability

Experience, Integrity, Answers

It's always less costly to avoid litigation rather than to defend a case. At the Law Office of Ralph G. Torres , our risk management attorney helps companies take steps to reduce the potential for liability and litigation. We do employment-related training and also perform internal investigations for companies after claims have been made.

A Regular Check Up by an Experienced Lawyer

Our attorney, Ralph G. Torres , and paralegal, Deborah Elmore , will prepare employment contracts, develop appropriate policies and procedures or review those you already have in place. We recommend reviewing employee policies and human resources procedures every six to 12 months to make certain your firm keeps up with changes in the law.

We have never done a risk management assessment without finding issues that exposed the company to some risk.

We can put together employee manuals, tracking forms and other records that can protect you from legal action. For example, we have found that companies often fail to provide enough documentation to justify an action to terminate an employee. We will give you the forms and procedures you need to protect your company from claims of wrongful termination.

Special Attention You Do Not Want

In recent years, the United States Department of Labor has focused attention on employers who use contract employees, such as construction companies and companies in the gas and oil business. Because of this increased scrutiny, it is imperative for companies in these market segments to take steps to protect themselves from potential litigation.

Too Much is as Bad as Not Enough

Do not cut corners by downloading generic employee policies from the Internet. Having unused or inappropriate employee policies can be as bad as having none at all. We have found that juries do not take kindly to employers who have written policies that they do not use or follow.

Internal Investigations

Our law firm is skilled at conducting internal investigations of employment discrimination, sexual harassment and other claims. We interview co-workers, gather documentation and recommend actions your company can take to protect itself. If we conduct the internal investigation, however, we cannot represent your company should the case proceed to litigation.

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