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"Employer - Rozek Company - successful in defending all claims against it by Plaintiff in U.S. District Court of Colorado. Represented by Law Office of Ralph G. Torres!" 5/2014

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"Firm achieves dismissal of ALL charges against client from State of Colorado - Director of Divisions of registrations/Office of Physical Therapist Licensure". 10/2011.
If facing discipline from a Regulatory board or agency - don't try negotiating the discipline yourself. Let the experience of the Law Office of Ralph G. Torres navigate you through the process!"

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Unemployment Compensation Benefit Disputes Defense and Appeals

Denver, Colorado Employment Law Firm Defending Employers Involved in Unemployment Compensation Benefit Disputes

Once you terminate an employee, you must decide if you are going to challenge a claim for unemployment compensation benefits. Do you have the documentation and have you articulated the reasons for termination effectively enough to win an employee’s challenge for unemployment compensation benefits?

It is in your best interest to consult experienced legal counsel prior to, and following, the termination of all employees, to ensure both your ability to win the denial of unemployment benefit compensation and defeat any further claims asserted against you by the employee. Contact The Law Offices of Ralph G. Torres today to schedule an appointment so we can help you with this kind of defense.

Limiting Exposure and Protecting Your Company

Your written response to a claim for unemployment compensation benefits is a binding statement by the company of the reasons for the termination. The reasons for termination expressed in all verbal and written statements must be consistent with the reasons articulated at the time of termination. Inconsistency or changing your reasons for termination can open the door to further legal claims by the employee. Once you put in writing or articulate verbally the reasons for termination to the state Department of Labor, and/or its hearing officers, your company's position is locked and you may not be permitted to change your rationale.

Attorneys for claimants will attempt to use the unemployment compensation proceedings to obtain information, which they will later present as inconsistent or in violation of certain employment laws, resulting in charges of discrimination or other lawsuits. We can help make sure you respond to these claims appropriately and we can evaluate the language of your employment policies to make sure you are protected from the beginning of the employment relationship.

By representing both employers and employees, we can offer a very comprehensive approach for employers when they are responding to terminated employee claims for unemployment compensation benefits. Remember, the claim for unemployment compensation benefits may only be the first strike the employee launches against you. Your counterattack is critical in limiting the remaining options for the terminated employee.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn how our experienced legal team can assist you with these matters.

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